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posted by Courtney Melendez Nov 04,2015 @ 11:32AM

A Serious Case of the Feel-Goods: A CreateAthon Recap

There are certain things in this world that give me the warm fuzzies. Quality time with family and friends. Hugs from my hubs. Rainy day naps. Puppies. And CreateAthon.

 Oh CreateAthon – that crazy 24 hours akin to a youth lock-in except with piles of costumes, tons of food, way too much caffeine, and a bunch of volunteer creative rockstars. Every year it blows my mind. Inevitably somewhere around the midnight check-in the panic sets in. The “Oh my God we’re more than halfway how the heck are we going to finish what if we don’t have anything to show the client” kind of panic. So I did what any self-respecting account manager would do. I hid behind a ninja mask, and reported that we had a lot of really good ideas in the works. Which was only a half-truth. Spoiler alert: it all worked out splendidly. It always does.

It took me two full nights of sleep and the best chicken biscuit on the planet to feel normal. Now, about two weeks out I’m in the solid feel-good stage. And I’m (almost) ready to do it again. Here’s a snippet of one of the projects I had the pleasure of working on:

Able SC, a Center for Independent Living (CIL), is focused on empowering people of all ages with all types disabilities. This year, they tasked our CreateAthon team with developing a statewide campaign focused on communicating the benefits of hiring people with disabilities.

We developed a series of direct mail pieces targeted to HR & hiring managers. Our goal was to highlight the strengths that people with disabilities bring to the table, while planting a tiny seed of doubt that they may be overlooking the perfect candidate. Social media ads, and trade show banners rounded out the deliverables for this client.


Our friends at Able SC told our team that this is exactly what they needed, and they can’t wait to deploy the plan. Smiles all-around!


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