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A Storied Past: 30 Years of Riggs

20 all-nighters, 20 points of light.


Shoestring Budget? Challenge Accepted.

Down the Digital Highway

The Greed Trap

Think Slow

Connectivity. And Uber.

When all things work together

My Left-Hand Man

Marketing & Roller Derby

Gain the secret weapon to building successful brands

Humanitarian. Oh, yes.

Brands and Viral Dreams

A political ad you can learn from (believe it or not)

On Riggs. CreateAthon. And more than a little grace.

24 hours, 24 dollars. That’s all it takes to change the world.

The Coming of CreateAthon 19

Marketing Fundamentals in the Age of Revolution

Counting Down to CreateAthon

Start by Thinking Like a Startup

Change, Nuance and Finding the Sweet Spot

Hashtags, the big global event and you.

Believable Brands Believe in Something

Businesses Are Just People Too

Loving Your Work

Interacting Out: Channeling the Power of Experience in Social Media

The Story Behind the Story

Boxed in? The stakes of commercial activism in local business

Why Advertising isn't Dead

Embracing Purpose and Mission in a Rebranding Assignment

A CliffsNotes on CX

CreateAthon Magic & Miracle Workers

Don't Underestimate Your Audience

NEW WORK: Crafting a Digital Toolbox For a Construction Leader

The First Principle of Branding

A meaningful engagement: teaching California retirees how to use Instagram

Your Core Business is not Enough

With a little love...

Perfectly human

Long live the communicating arts

On brands that take their sweet time

Is Your Post Worthy of A Click?

Best of...

Thoughtful communications essential in M&A environment

If you wouldn't put it on a billboard, keep it out of your feeds

Smart brands embrace a human rhythm

CreateAthon Flood Relief: Our Deepest Thanks

The Role of Public Relations in Brand and Reputation Management

A Serious Case of the Feel-Goods: A CreateAthon Recap

CreateAthon Recap: Healing Icons and The Therapy Place

How We Spend Money

The quiet gifts of CreateAthon

Donate to Central Carolina Community Foundation Flood Relief Fund

CreateAthon, Flood Relief and Good Business

Introducing Our Final CreateAthon 2015 Clients

The need has never been greater

Business as Usual

The Power of Good

Technology and Your Business - Preparing for Major Changes

Empathy and the Power of a “Dislike” Button

The social company as bedrock for success

What Public Relations Professionals Actually Do

Circa 1995

Be a Better Blogger Now

On starting.

A Conversation About Market Research

More Things That Happen Less

The Language of Emoji

i carry your heart

Mobilegeddon Is Here — But with Mobile Optimization, It's Not the End of the World

Trying to Keep Up

Inbound Is For Everyone (Even Realtors)

Raising the Bar

"Intimate Exchanges": New work and the possibilities of Point of View

Placement and Timing Are Everything in Social Media

Five Lessons of Great Leaders

a reflection of brand values

Lend Your Voice to Change Public Policy

a lesson in simplicity

Get Ready to Pay to Play in Social Media Marketing

How to Build a Killer Social Media Marketing Campaign [SLIDESHARE]

The Power of No

It's Not You. It's Facebook.

A Vibrant Spirit

Storify: CreateAthon 2014

FAAAC: A closer look at African American art

DREAMCON: Advancing the digital arts

WXRY-FM: Amplifying the Voices of Our Community

Columbia Urban League: Creating a culture of high expectations

Sustaining Our Seniors: Creating scale around senior care

Camera Ready

Helping Y Guides Grow

The Arts Empowerment Project: Anticipating the Power of Pro Bono

The Power of a Smile

Hi-fidelity Stereophonic Design

Key Takeaways from Inbound 2014

The Best Medicine

the [cross]road ahead

How One Brand Ignited A Spanish Revolution

The Inman Experience

"Weird Al" Wins the Internet

Calls are the New Clicks: Seven Secrets to Beating Competitors

Bélo, Bélo

Spirit of the Lowcountry In New Spots

Inbound Marketing Goes International: Part Two

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Inbound Goes International

CreateAThon Helps Launch Social Enterprise

A Smashing Success: PR Case Study

CASE STUDY: SC Farm Bureau Insurance Social Media Program

CASE STUDY: Dueling Dirt Social Media Campaign

CreateAthon Case Study: District 5 Foundation

Whitt's End

Let the Wookie win

A Little Reassurance

Divergent Branding

Sold by the box.

Branching Out

Digital Content Strategy

Meet the Interrobang

Simply Brilliant: theSkimm

Five Things We Learned While Watching the Oscars

Two Key Marketing Lessons From Architecture School

Inspiration Everywhere

Inbound What?

Making PR Magic

Snow Day

Branching Out Early Into New Media

Too Easy

Tweeting the Olympics

What a difference a decade makes

Why Marketing? In one sentence.

Full Circle Moments and Life-Changing Conversations

In Pursuit of Purpose

Warby Parker: finding a niche and making it happen

The Gospel According To Luke

Learning From Experience

A Social Media Marketing Case Study

The Fast Route to Instant Recognition

New Beginnings

Chronicle of Philanthropy Profiles CreateAthon

Guiding Light

Riggs Partners’ work published in Print magazine

Notes from The Buyer Persona Manifesto

Turning Oh No! to Oh Yes!

Twitter Isn't Facebook, Or How I Started A Conversation With 1200 People

Own Your Contradictions: How to make the most of confusion around the work you do

The value of pro bono

A Little Less Snark Goes A Long Way: Celebrate Snark Free Day

[SLIDESHARE] Social Content: What to Talk About in Your Newsfeed

11 Business Lessons of Our Time

Of course we have favorites

This isn’t about content marketing.

New Work: Doing Pro Bono, Pro Bono

Catherine Lands a Job at Facebook!

We Must Have Done Something Good

On Tattoos

Adventures in Printing

Deconstructing Your Brand

Game Day, WECO-style!

Inside Stories: Here's What We've Learned

With love, from Pipa RN Brasil


So it's Friday...

Hold on

CreateAthon Global: Flights Departing Daily.

How to Build an Inbound Content Strategy

America's New Frontier: Made In Detroit

Monday mornings.

5 Simple Lessons in Effective Communication

[SURVEY] Social Media for Business Training Program

City Year: 20 years of volunteerism in Columbia

Service Unites: A New Perspective

The Introduction of an Optimist

Celebrating Sisters of Charity, St. Lawrence Place and Mad Monkey on Main

10 CreateAthon Secrets Every Volunteer Should Know

Generation Y and Millenials: Work With A Purpose

We recommend being disliked.

How It Feels To See Your Photo In A "Top Ten" Lineup With Alex Bogusky and Dan Wieden

Goodwill Thursday

RP Welcomes Social Media Apprentice

One More Month To Make A Change

10 Reasons Your Agency Should Become A CreateAthon Agency

The Incredible Story that is Arrested Development.

The Wonderful World of WECO

Social Media for Social Good: Top 3 Faves

New Work: Warren


Body oil is the new ring around the collar.

Hands-On Experience

The Pick of Spring

Get it right from the get-go.

RP Welcomes Inbound Marketing Specialist Catherine Doyle

Global Pro Bono? CreateAthon Worldwide? Believe.

Teach Your Customer Well

We came. We bowled. We helped out.

On bowling for kids.

Welcome, Keely Saye!

RP Goes Gold, Silver and Camo at 2013 ADDYs

Thoughtless Consumption

Marketing Without Representation

Finding Possibility

The Power of Thank You

On dream concerts.

a fine place to start.

New Work: Goodwill Industries of the Upstate/Midlands South Carolina website

Design is a Funnel

The Strategy of the Forsythia

Hurrying is so last year.

On 2013 resolutions.

In Memoriam

Crafty Feast Consumerism

holiday spirit, WECO style

Back in the Groove

On mustaches.

Leadership, Leventis style.

What I Learned About Branding from Katie Couric

On Thanksgiving side dishes.

New Work: St. Lawrence Place

Altria and CreateAthon Connect for Good

Three Business Lessons from Nonprofits

A Billion + Reasons to Believe

On 25 years ago.

On State Fair food.

The Power of Music and Casting

How a Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha Turned Me Into A Marketer

Prepping Nonprofits for Pro Bono

CreateAthon delivers for nonprofits again.

On CreateAthon 15.

From the CreateAthon Archives

A power-packed website for a powerhouse brand.

On the weather.

New Work: Bug Outfitters

Rewarding the Post-Recession Consumer

CreateAthon, Chapter 15

Five tips for creating effective logos

Design Finds: Intelligence in Lifestyle

On school supplies.

Branding, and Crazy Bob's Banner

On the 2012 Olympics.

Deliberateness by Design

Spotting the Social Entrepreneur

On trading places.

The real fear isn’t social media; it’s real-time communication.

Set It and Forget It

On summer songs

CreateAthon at the White House


On coming-of-age movies.

CreateAthon Arrives at the White House


New Work: Palmetto GBA Annual Report

Design Finds: McSweeney's

On local businesses.

Interested vs. Interesting

On board games.

Words, Verona, and William Shakespeare

Gotham: the new Helvetica

Design Finds: Criterion Collection

On happy words.

Continuous Communication: 5 Core Goals

Around These Parts This Week

Collected Ephemera: for the love of print

On moms.

Design Finds: Poler Stuff

Deadlines, Creativity and CreateAthon

On good reads.

The New Failure

Converge SE 2012: web designers paradise

See It Differently.

3 Steps: Using Effective Candor in Marketing

On Kickstarter.

Design Finds: Best Made Co.

B Corporation is Good Business

On spring break.

Adapting is elementary.

The Golden Ratio: where design and mathematics coincide

On breakfast.

New Work: Goodwill Outdoor

On workspaces.

Bee Day

Dare we say recovery? 5 Ways to Stay Ahead.

On recent projects.

On last meals.

Early Pioneers in Skills-Based Volunteering: A Billion + Change

On websites.

Three Questions Every Brand Should Ask Itself

On combinations.

Humor has it: Old Spice

Collaboration is the New Competition for Nonprofits

On crayons.

New Work: Central Carolina Community Foundation 2011 Annual Report

On Super Bowl Ads.

Ethics, Gratitude and Crowson Stone Printing

Media Consumption Takes Super Bowl Ads Into Overtime

On childhood dreams.

Consider Your Audience

On decades.

The Rise (and Fall?) of Brand Paula Deen

New Work: Paradise Valley Estates

On jingles.

TEDx Columbia: A beautiful day

Métro Signage

On super powers.

Type Observed: HOBO

5 Trends for Nonprofits = 1 Big Challenge

Lee Clow's Beard

A Little Christmas Story

TEDx: Exponential Impact for Nonprofits

On jobs and money.

Goodwill for Goodwill. And There's a Prize!

Publicité & Graphisme

On billionaires.

The New Art of Conversation

On theme songs.

We’re still sticking together.

On brainstorming.

Thanksgiving, Creativity and Reuse

In With the Old

Big RP Party Today. Join Us!

CreateAthon: Flying High

Turning Empathy into Action

On burning houses.

A Good Night's Sleep

Nonprofits Must Position Themselves for Pro Bono

A Billion + Opportunities for CreateAthon

CreateAthon Goes to Washington

Persist or Advance

CreateAthon: Grown up and ready to go.

On costumes.

A marketing lesson from my dentist.


Otherwise Occupied

On writing utensils.

There’s a story behind that.

Celebrating The GOOD Night

Tearing Down Walls

On coffee.

Be True: a Wednesday reminder.

On Apple.


Nothing but good and more good.

On birthdays.

CreateAthon 2011 Work: A Look at Literacy

Can't Judge a Kindle by Its Cover

We Think This Must Be A Very Good Sign

On rainy day music.

Course Correction

Love Talk: be useful or be interesting.

The Unsung Heroes of CreateAthon

On allnighters.

All Work, But Not Always No Play

CreateAthon 2011: The Roster.

New Work: The Good Life Blog

Maryland's Gridiron PR Grab

Time to Shine

On seasons.


CreateAthon: An idea that made it.

On our future selves.

New Work: The Sunshine House

Inspire Ownership

Consumers are social. Is your nonprofit?

On rooms.

10 lessons from Social Crush, Day 2, Part 1

13 lessons from Social Crush, Day One

Nonprofits: Show, don’t tell

On obsessions.

New Work: Literacy 2030

A blueprint for innovation



On habits.

Spotify: A Reason for Hope in the World

The Social Enterprise: Building A Business Behind A Nonprofit

On pizza.

New Work: Goodwill Industries

What's Your Style Guide?

Toolboxes: A Narrative of Process


So Much Depends Upon...

Know your supporter, not your cause

Four very funny rules, for work, for life

Out with the Old

Delightful Weekend


Listen and Learn.

Create goods for the greater good.

Favorite teacher

When Endings Are Beginnings

Donor beware: research your nonprofit

Quality of Life

Making Volunteering Work for You

Moe's and Social Media: The Fast-Casual Options

The Great Insecurity

The power of unplugging

Behind the scenes: photo shoot

Give your brand a fresh coat of paint

Nonprofit content: Tips versus Truth


Social Strategy: Make Yourself Useful

Incumbent Brands

Nonprofit Marketing Opportunity: the power of free agents

Day Job.

Designers as Leaders AIGA LEADERSHIP RETREAT 2011

CreateAthon Season Starts to Simmer

Don't use that word

Passing Trends

Mast General Store and Environmental Stewardship

Refrigerator Contents

Export from Portland Pitches Import from Detroit

On Repeat

"Amper-what?": the origin of a symbol

The Solo Getaway

Generating profit in a nonprofit world.

The Magic Happens in the Audience

Best Business Advice

Full circle moments

Today Would Be the Best Day Ever If...

Where Imagination and Observation Meet: The Sketchbook

Marketing Trends: La Vida Local

Logo Makeover 101

Think, Feel, Do More

Morning, in Ten Words.

Lonely Days are Virtually Over

If I Were a Piece of Furniture...

Smart Brands Pay Attention to Detail

I Can Teach You...

Stop Guessing and Learn to Talk to Real People.

New Work: Bee Day

The Ad-defying Roommate

The Millennial Donor: Let the sunshine in

The Real Deal: Marketing Authenticity

The Brand We Can't Live Without

The Socially Conscious Movement

Inside Stories: Afternoon Tattoo

What Starbucks Taught Me About Love

The Power of Exclusion

The Social Media Starter Guide

Not every idea for nonprofits is profitable.

Just when we need a little reminder

The new truth in nonprofits: You get what you pay for

Using an annual report to fortify your brand position

A Roadmap for Twitter

Monolithic Negative Space

Breaking News: Valentine’s Day Gets a Makeover for Social Good

Horizon chasing, list making.

Discovering the perfect brand experience, freewheeling through Etsy

Nonprofit social media: narcissistic or neighborly?

Cause Marketing: A Two-Way Street

Find Your Own Island: Avoiding a Sea of Nonprofit Sameness

In Nonprofit Messaging, Brevity is Bravery

Moments that Last Forever,With A Little Love

Doing vs. Talking

Moe is We

Marketing Trends: Cracking the DIY Code

When Marketing Your Cause,Choose Fun over Fear

Shopping for a Cause

Health care + social media + crisis:friend or foe?

The Power of Simple Communications

In January

In Good Company: Taproot features CreateAthon™ as one of 8 Top CSR Models

Vintage typewriter inspires new typeface

How nonprofits can avoid board meeting info-ramas

Rainy Day Ads

“I Am Now a Role Model”:Nike Commits to Corporate Social Responsibility

The No-Nonsense Nonprofit:Three Must-Dos for 2011

It’s simple.

Fathers, and sons, and the elegance of civilized commerce

Why we buy, why we brand: A historical look at our relationships with brands

CreateAthon: Discovery Impact

CreateAthon: Discovery Impact

Move Over, Citizen Kane.

The great miracle makeover: 100 Women Who Care

The Lost Art of Conversation

The Cause Trinity: A world-famous example

Social media in health care demands professional focus

The Cause Trinity, Part 2

Moe’s Hits the Books

The Cause Trinity

Who owns philanthropy?

Lessons from Black Friday Shopping

Small sparks make great fires

Nonprofit brands need one clear note

4 Lessons from the "Will We Ever Get This Website Live" Project

Election results: Nonprofits, game on

Bait Shop

Nonprofit entrepreneurs follow the money

Launching the healthcare social media machine

Election week +1: Nonprofits, game on

getting ready for debbie millman

Giving circles gaining momentum for nonprofits

New Work: Nature Conservancy of SC

Nonprofits can do more by doing less

Social media strategy vs. social media tactics

Do the Right Thing

Run like Mad!

Social media is not the answer for nonprofits

Build a strategy, and they will come

We're going to party like it's 1964!

Green Chair and Guitar

Social media in healthcare: people + planning before posting

Lessons from my CreateAthon closet

It's After Midnight.

CreateAthon. The Halfway Mark

It’s CreateAthon. Game On!

CreateAthon: Act 1

Thoughts on CreateAthon, from a Veteran

A wondrous time of year

New Crop of CreateAthon Clients

You Gotta Love It When Someone Smart As David C. Baker Validates Your Year-Old Business Model.

Where interesting people congregate, interesting things happen

Welcome to the Blogosphere, First Community Bank!

It’s time to take your time

New Work:

Capitalism or Being Green

What’s NXT in health care?

Our Favorite Facebook Status Update, of Late

Three Lessons to Learn from GM

5 *Rules* for Social Media Engagement

What’s making poor college students pay up (and it doesn’t involve a keg)

New Work: Good Samaritan Clinic

Work Hard. Fly Right. Speak the Truth.

New Work: FivePoint Solutions

A fun surprise from two swell guys.

New Work: Hilton Head Island Visitor and Convention Bureau

Not feeling bad feels so good.

Facebook – a 1970’s phenomenon

Fabulous Riggs Partners stars in Vegas

Still the same. The power of a consistent brand positioning strategy.

Never underestimate the power of a really great party.

You’re too busy.

New Work:

2010 – What’s In Fashion

New Work: Central Carolina Community Foundation

New Work: Palmetto Opera Part 1

New Work: Spartanburg Soup Kitchen Part 2

The New Normal

New Work: Spartanburg Area Conservancy

Portion-sized holiday cheer

Riggs Partners is officially IN

Give thanks for shopaholics

New Work: Spartanburg Soup Kitchen Part 1

New Work: Poochapalooza

If a good idea becomes a mediocre idea, is it still worth launching?

New Work: Preservation Trust of Spartanburg

The Power of Authenticity

New Work: Preservation Trust of Spartanburg

Grant given to The Nature Conservancy

1300 and Counting

To Thrift or Not To Thrift?

The Power of Connection

The Nature Conservancy. Oyster recycling. Work that matters.

Coughter to Ehlers to RP on PRESENTING

Rzine Preview

Excitement. And exhaustion.

Speaking of World Class

The Power of Purpose

The Power of Humanity

The Power of Control

The Power of Simplicity

The Power of Need

The Power of Seven

Tell Me More

Can “branding” survive the new economy?

Yet Another OJ Scandal

Take time to count the pennies.

Make “Private Label” Work for Your Brand

Guerillas at the Grill

The Repentant Consumer

Crisis of Confidence

The Bling Thing is Over

The Invisible Middle Ground

Healing Species Video




By the numbers

youtube is 2nd largest search engine