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posted by Cathy Monetti Jul 07,2009 @ 12:21PM

The Power of Purpose

Fifth in a series analyzing seven new economy trends

In recent months I’ve made many, many trips along the same I-95 route. The need to “grab a quick bite” has sent me into a number of fast food restaurants, and the service has been so outrageously slow that when I finally had one decent experience, I started a “good exit” section in my sketchbook.

I tell you this story because it demonstrates two things: (1) the power of purpose in meeting consumer need, even when that need is very basic; and (2) how important it is to deliver what you promise.

Of course, building and sustaining a brand is difficult and delicate work with thousands of considerations. But its foundation is quite simple:

Our customers need (fill in the blank), so we (fill in the blank).

Now is a great time to reconsider this equation. The economy has forced a redirection of energy toward goals that are extremely short-term and relationships that are much more transactional. Take the time to remind internal stakeholders why you provide the services or products you do. Give your employees a reason to come to work every day, aside from collecting a paycheck. How are they contributing value to the lives of your customers?

Then make sure your purpose is clear in all external messaging. Customers are reevaluating old shopping and purchasing habits every day. Make sure your company is on their radar.




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