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posted by Guests Aug 27,2009 @ 12:59PM

The Nature Conservancy. Oyster recycling. Work that matters.

TNCLogoPrimary_CMYKOne thing we love about our work is helping clients promote causes that can make our world a better (and tastier) place to live. Take our client The Nature Conservancy, for example. We just landed a feature story in the Post & Courier on their oyster recycling efforts along the South Carolina coast. The article details a recent report issued by the organization’s national office that revealed an alarming decline in the world’s oyster population. The good news is that South Carolina offers some of the most innovative oyster restoration initiatives out there.

Check out the story (and the full report) here.

- Katy Miller

posted by Cathy Monetti Aug 27,2009 @ 07:42AM

Coughter to Ehlers to RP on PRESENTING

It's the old triple play: Nice piece on the art of presenting well, authored by Peter Coughter, posted on Heidi Ehlers' Black Bag blog, now brought to you via RP:
Great Ideas Must Live. Here's How to Make Sure They Do.

Devour, and practice. Practice. Practice.

posted by Apprentices Aug 21,2009 @ 04:51PM

Rzine Preview


Over the past few months, we've poured sweat and tears into the latest edition of Rzine, Flotsam & Jetsam: Language of Great Consequence in the Law of Admiralty and Marine Salvage...and Everywhere Else (Nate Poole). To put it simply, trash to treasure. In this issue, we explore the inherent value to be discovered in previously unwanted goods, found objects, and junk from everyday life. We are excited to share Flotsam & Jetsam with you and hope you will be inspired to salvage something and share your story with us. Ahoy!

Rzine release date: 8/26/09

- Lauren Bowles

posted by Cathy Monetti Aug 15,2009 @ 04:40PM

Excitement. And exhaustion.

IMG_1272So there were no nightly updates because we worked like dogs. I have come home from the Digital Creative Direction intensive at Brandcenter with an intense passion for JUST FRIGGIN' DO IT and with bronchitis. Mike Hughes (The Martin Agency),summed it up in his opening night presentation. "None of us knows how to do digital media," he said. "You just have to find new human, wonderful ways to do creative in this realm. You have to push to figure it out."

His sentiments were echoed by every speaker throughout the week, ending with Jeff Benjamin, CCO of digital at Crispin. (Yes, we all bowed when he walked in.) "There is no 'right way' to do any of it," he said. We (Crispin) make it up as we go along and believe me, there are lots of failures."

So, instead of a blog entry a day, here's a blog entry with A Lesson A Day:


Mike Hughes. The Martin Agency
Get your creative team, and your client, to see what's possible.


Lisa Bennett, DDB West
To effectively bring digital to the center, you will have to reinvent your current model. (
Needless to say I LOVED hearing that one.)

Rick Webb, The Barbarian Group
Align with what internet builders care about: Build cool shit people want.

Rick Boyco, Brandcenter
Mistakes are not failure. Be prepared to be wrong.


Mark Avant, Brandcenter
Stop thinking "event" and start thinking "customer journey."

Ji Lee, Google
(on 'Open Source') Sharing is rewarding. Give something to the world and you will get so much back.

Peter Coughter, Brandcenter
(on 'presenting') You are your message.


Lars Bastholm, Ogilvy
The digital toolbox becomes broader, deeper and wider everyday. The dilemma is: We can do anything. It's wonderful for people who are adventurous and terrifying to those who aren't.

Pella and Calle Sjonell, BBH
1. Do. Don't talk.
2. You must collaborate. And if you must, force collaboration.

Heidi Ehlers, Black Bag Recruitment
Most people have vivid fears and vague dreams.

Jeri Ward, Audi
The world belongs to the brave.


Jeff Benjamin, Crispin Porter
Consider yourself an inventor.

Kelly O'Keefe, Brandcenter
Have a point of view. Take a stand, and don't let go of it.

So it is Saturday afternoon. I have been to the doc, begun a round of serious antibiotics (along with two other prescriptions) and am already feeling better. I can't wait to get to work on Monday to enter the new world that is Riggs Partners. Anything is possible!

posted by Cathy Monetti Aug 09,2009 @ 06:23AM

Speaking of World Class

All this week, I'll be studying in the Digital Creative Direction intensive at VCU's Brandcenter. I attended the inaugural CD school four or five years ago and it was a life-changing experience. It's an incredible honor to be a part of this class of exceptional CDs and to study directly under the tutelage of our industry's most prolific creatives. Getting to do it for an entire week? Wow.

Jeff Benjamin
, Executive Interactive Creative Director, Crispin Porter
Jeff Gillette
, CD, Google

Rick Webb
, Co-Founder, The Barbarian Group
Lisa Bennett
, Chief Creative Officer, DDB West
Pella and Calle Sjonell
, Creative Directors, BBH
Lars Bastholm
, Chief Digital Creative Officer, Ogilvy
Stan Joosten, Innovation Manager, P&G

It's my plan to provide daily (errrr. . .nightly) updates here, so long as I don't just collapse into bed after the group assignments and wine-soaked dinners. Hope to meet you here—




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