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posted by Cathy Monetti Jan 27,2010 @ 07:31AM

New Work:

There are so many reasons to register to be a part of the first Virtual March in support of responsible reproductive health policy in South Carolina:

  • South Carolina is considered an HIV "hot spot" by the CDC
  • STIs and STDs are spreading at alarming rates, with half of all new cases affecting young people between the ages of 15 and 24;
  • Teen pregnancy rates are on the rise (three in 10 girls will become pregnant at least once before the age of 20);
  • Woefully inadequate female representation in our state government (SC ranks dead last)

Here's the kicker. We know how to solve this! And 80 percent of South Carolinians agree on the solution: policies that provide for comprehensive sex education and prevention programs. We just have to let our legislators know.

If you want to be a part of the solution and are willing to send an email to your state representatives (it's that easy), register for the Virtual March.

Riggs Partners is honored and excited to be working with in getting the word out. We think there's no greater issue facing our state today.

posted by Kevin Smith Jan 20,2010 @ 04:23AM

2010 – What’s In Fashion

So here we are into the first few weeks of 2010. It's no 1980's conspicuous consumption flashback, but it sure feels a bit better. I honestly don't know anyone who was sorry to see 2009 go. As we march into the third year of the new economy, it's an ideal time to pause and reassess our approach to marketing planning. In doing so, I can't think of a better illustration than social media. issued the following article: "2010 - The Year Social Media Matures."

The premise is that in a state of near permanent beta, marketers rushed to establish social media platforms in 2009. Beta can be good, and there's plenty to be said for getting things done, but author Kathy Crossett's point is that we need to think strategically about social media and integrate these efforts into objective-driven marketing strategy and planning.

I couldn't agree more, with respect to social media, and with regard to every other marketing communications tool in the toolbox. The panic that continued throughout 2009 spurned our collective attention deficit disorder exponentially. Just get it done, fast, and move on. The fear-based mentality of: "If can say I've done something, I've proven that I am effective," seemed to float into permanent overdrive. The result can be deadly - brand denigrating slips in design standards, poor website navigation or a "discount" brand essence.

As we examine the new reality of a long, slow recovery and consumers' now permanent love affair with value, it's well past time to think before we communicate. It's time to bring thoughtful, well planned, and above all strategic, communications back into fashion.

posted by Ryon Edwards Jan 15,2010 @ 03:41AM

New Work: Central Carolina Community Foundation

Hot off the Press: 2009 annual report for Central Carolina Community Foundation. The design complements the new brand identity we developed for CCCF in 2008 and takes it a step further with a strong emphasis on typography and hand-drawn lettering. A short-fold cover allows the logomark to be visible while reading the first half of the book — we used the extra space on the press sheet to create bookmarks, which will be used to raise awareness of specific areas of need: Dropout Prevention, Homelessness Prevention and Illiteracy.

Thanks to everyone at Central Carolina Community Foundation and special thanks to Tonia Cochran and JoAnn Turnquist for being such great collaborators.








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