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posted by Cathy Monetti Apr 23,2010 @ 01:12PM

A fun surprise from two swell guys.

Brian Murrell and Steve Sperling of ADCO stopped by this afternoon with a sweet surprise—a big, beautiful, oh-so-chocolate "best cake in town" for the Riggers. It seems our own Teresa Coles acted as Referrer in sending some work (The Children's Trust of South Carolina) to our pals at ADCO and they came by, cake in hand, to offer their thanks.

The sinful, chocolatey goodness of that cake reminds us how sweet an old fashioned "thank you" can be.

The partners spent the afternoon deeply touched and on a delightful sugar high! Thanks back to you, ADCO.

posted by Cathy Monetti Apr 20,2010 @ 12:17PM

New Work: Hilton Head Island Visitor and Convention Bureau

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), is a fancy name for the acknowledgement that businesses, as well as individuals, have an important role to play in bettering the world around us. Our friends at the Hilton Head Island VCB have embraced the concept and are one of the first corporate destinations in the country to offer a customized CSR component to their Meetings and Groups packages.

It works like this. A company plans a meeting, or retreat, on Hilton Head Island. A community service project is incorporated as part of the event package, and the group is matched with a participating United Way of the Lowcountry organization. During their time on Hilton Head Island, the group of 10 to 100 people works together on the specified project, such as a Habitat build.

Our assignment was to package, and promote, The Hilton Head Difference.

posted by Cathy Monetti Apr 13,2010 @ 03:13PM

Not feeling bad feels so good.

Maybe it's the four new business meetings we had last week (notably supported by reasonable budgets). Maybe it's the Today Show news that the Dow "charged" above 11,000. Or maybe it's just the huge arrangement of yard cuttings blooming in the milk bottle vase on my kitchen table.

There's something sweet in the air, and it smells like ~ dare we say it ~ Recovery.

It feels good.

Not long ago, I was in a meeting with a longtime client. We were talking about the roller coaster that has been the last 18 months. And we were attempting to plan for the next six. We spent a good part of that session focused on small business owners and the exhaustion they (ahum. we.) feel. "I now understand what my Grandmother meant when she said she was spent," he said.

It's an apt description.

And Recovery, or not, I am glad Spring is here. Like a tiny sprout breaking through the soil, I feel the sunshine and am renewed.




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