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posted by Apprentices May 19,2010 @ 08:36AM

New Work: Good Samaritan Clinic

The Good Samaritan Clinic is a free medical clinic serving uninsured members of the Hispanic/Latino community in Columbia, South Carolina. The clinic provides general medical consultations, diagnostic testing and, when available, free medicine.

Those who find rescue in the Good Samaritan Clinic are escaping an overwhelming set of circumstances – a need for medical attention, a lack of means and a language barrier. The Good Samaritan Clinic helps by acting as a liaison between the Spanish-speaking community and Columbia medical resources. The clinic offers interpretation and health education services, referrals to other medical centers and community emergency assistance. The clinic also keeps a public phone line open, allowing people to ask questions and receive answers in their own language.

There is much need in Columbia. Unfortunately, as a result of physicians' busy schedules, volunteers are few. The Good Samaritan Clinic’s biggest challenge is to bring in more working physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners. Riggs Partners addressed this issue, develolping for the Good Samaritan Clinic a strategic marketing plan and several recruitment materials.

- Sammy Rutkowski

posted by Kevin Smith May 10,2010 @ 09:46AM

Work Hard. Fly Right. Speak the Truth.

I've spoken before about the need for products to align with a real human need. The beleaguered airline industry has, in response to a volatile and highly competitive business climate, grown further and further away from the business of human needs. The needs for legroom, beverages, carry-on baggage, even bathroom privileges during long waits on the tarmac, have all been eroded.

In terms of a broken system, the airline industry's only rival is healthcare. In both cases, screw-ups can be deadly. Further, both currently suffer from a near complete lack of message credibility.

Last week's announcement of the proposed merger of United and Continental got me thinking. Would two of the biggest make one of the best? Doubtful. Historically, mergers are the highways to commoditized products and poorly differentiated brands.

It hasn't always been this way. Fallon's "Gershwin" campaign for United is one of my favorite examples of brand strategy. United didn't just get you there, they served up life-defining moments.

Meanwhile, Continental's "Work Hard. Fly Right." Campaign, a more no-nonsense approach that even eschewed photography, has helped it gain and maintain marketshare among business travelers since 1998.

For marketing street smarts, it's always inspiring to look at the up and comers. Today's New York Times contains an article about Jet Blue's new digital experience campaign.

Human need + demonstrated experience + customer (not company) endorsement.

Clearly a winning formula making good use of the type of brand discussion that only digital can generate. It's the traditional testimonial all grown up and made relevant for today's consumer. Healthcare organizations take note.

posted by Apprentices May 04,2010 @ 07:31AM

New Work: FivePoint Solutions

FivePoint Solutions is an enterprise information management (EIM) company. Put simply, they provide digital document management and data exchange, as well as paper-to-digital conversion, for companies and government entities with complex (and often high volume) records management needs.

We immediately recognized a great branding opportunity for our new client. EIM is a rapidly growing industry filled with look-alike companies fixated on one selling point: efficiency. From our first meeting with FivePoint, it was clear their focus is on the people who rely on the technology.

And so we began by helping FivePoint Solutions define their process as the center point for a new branding program.

Then we began identity exploration.

Final logo.

- Sammy Rutkowski




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