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posted by Cathy Monetti Aug 17,2010 @ 04:31AM

Where interesting people congregate, interesting things happen

We've long dreamed of converting the infamous WECO building, a former grocery store/pool hall/charity thrift (and our current home) into a creative salon. It makes sense with the Riggs Partners modular business model; it makes sense with our partnership philosophy; and quite frankly, it makes sense given the real estate we're sitting on.

So we're pleased as punch to (officially) announce that interactive usability consultancy firm truematter and inbound marketing specialists are taking up residence with us, here, in the WECO building at 750 Meeting.

The vision of all parties is that the open, bullpen space of the building be a shared community environment in which the creatives of all three companies work in hive fashion, herman-miller-hexagon to herman-miller-hexagon. While there will undoubtedly be instances in which the companies are collaborating on projects, each remains an independent company with its own clients. And not one new wall is being built to divide the three.

We love this description from Wikipedia:

A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase their knowledge of the participants through conversation.

It's a French concept we believe applies parfaitement to the way smart businesses are functioning in this new economy: connected, specialized, synergized.

posted by Cathy Monetti Aug 16,2010 @ 10:06AM

Welcome to the Blogosphere, First Community Bank!

It is with great gusto that we welcome our dear friends (and client) First Community Bank to world of blogging. "First on Main" will shine a spotlight on entrepreneurs, businesses and happenings in the Midlands of South Carolina. We've been the marketing partner for First Community for many, many years, and we can speak first hand: No one has a better view of all that is happening in the local economy than "the local bank for local business."

We hope you will stay tuned, as well!




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