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posted by Cathy Monetti Feb 26,2013 @ 03:20AM

Welcome, Keely Saye!

Keely Saye, Inbound Marketing Director at Riggs Partners

I remember the first time I met Keely Saye. It was CreateAthon 2007. At the time she served as chair of Columbia Opportunity Resource, an energetic group committed to making Columbia a better place to live through the engagement of its young professionals in community and civic service. That year, COR was a CreateAthon client, and Keely and I spent a good bit of time talking about ways to make the organization more relevant and visible in the Midlands.

This girl has it going on, I thought in our very first meeting. By our second and third, I knew she was One to Watch. Keely was one of a handful of people I'd met in 30 years with superstar potential— strategic, smart as a whip, willing to think deeply enough to ask the right questions. And even as a CreateAthon client, she pushed. (I do love that.)

In time Keely became an entrepreneur, founding, a company devoted to Inbound Marketing. It was the new frontier of digital communications, a real Wild West of our industry. Keely knew her stuff. A certified Inbound Marketing specialist, she launched with passion, intelligence, and credentials.

The company grew quickly as she and her team provided strategy, development, training and management of cross channel digital programs to clients across the Southeast. She also served as our Strategic Partner in the arena of Inbound Marketing, working with Riggs Partners clients and, serendipitously, during CreateAthon.

Keely loved us; we loved her. (That much was certain.) The combination of her inbound smarts with our focus on brand development and management seemed to us a match made in heaven. And so we asked.

We're so thrilled she said yes.

With Keely Saye as our Director of Inbound Marketing, we're expanding the services we provide in-house to include:

Social Media Strategy
Social Network Development, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and more
Blogroll Development
Microblog Scheduling
Live Engagement Practices
Online Influencer Engagement
Social Media Campaigns

Content Marketing
Lead Nurturing
Email Marketing
Conversion Campaigns
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Analytics Reporting

as well as

Brand Consulting
Brand Strategy Development
Marketing Programs
Website Development

With Keely now on board, there is much more in the works. In fact, we can hardly wait until tomorrow!

posted by Teresa Coles Feb 19,2013 @ 02:10PM

RP Goes Gold, Silver and Camo at 2013 ADDYs

It’s well known that no one loves a good dress-up party more than the Riggs Partners clan. So when the Columbia AAF folks announced a Reality TV theme for the 2013 ADDY® awards gala, we harnessed our love of country and camo and showed up to the soiree on Saturday, February 17 as none other than DUCK DYNASTY.

After a quick Sears Family Portrait session, we traveled en masse to 701 Whaley to join our comrades in the communicating arts for an evening to celebrate the best creative marketing in the Midlands. As pleased as we already were with our fashion sense, we were more than a little giddy with the lineup of awards that came our way in recognition of our work in 2012.

Riggs Partners received a total of 11 awards during the evening:

Special Judges Award for Excellence in Annual Report – Palmetto GBA Annual Report

Special Judges Award for Excellence in Radio – Express Oil Change Radio Campaign

Gold ADDY – Palmetto GBA Annual Report

Gold ADDY – Express Oil Change Radio Campaign

Gold ADDY – Lukas, Nace Gutierrez & Sachs Website

Gold ADDY – Bug Outfitters* Logo

Silver ADDY – Central Carolina Community Foundation Annual Report

Silver ADDY – Goodwill Industries of Midlands/Upstate SC Annual Report

Silver ADDY – Goodwill Industries of Midlands/Upstate SC Outdoor Campaign

Silver ADDY – Pulliam Morris 50th Anniversary Announcement

Silver ADDY – 52 Windows Event Poster

*official camo outfitter to the RP stars

We were thrilled to be recognized for our work across such a broad array of disciplines, and especially pleased to have Joy Skinner and Bartley Boswell from Palmetto GBA on hand to accept top honors for the Palmetto GBA annual report. Our sincere thanks go to them — and all RP clients — for allowing us to be part of such great work.

Twenty-five years after C.C. Rigg’s received Best In Show at our very first appearance at the ADDYs, the 2013 ADDYs were one for the record books and the photo album.

(Did we mention we were the Best In Show Costume Contest Winners? Well, we do have a standard to uphold.)




posted by Kevin Smith Feb 18,2013 @ 05:05AM

Thoughtless Consumption

Americans have come to consume incessantly. There’s even consumption as a by-product of consumption: that plastic bag with groceries in it, the eight packets of ketchup a drive-through clerk puts in the bag, the plastic cutlery that comes with take-out food.

These are things we never asked for, and they aren’t things we value or appreciate. They are just stuff we throw away. It’s not just that these things are wasteful and environmentally harmful, they denigrate brands by association. I call it thoughtless consumption.

There’s been a slow movement away from thoughtless consumption, and one I predict continues with increasing fervor:

Another example is Coke’s new “freestyle” fountain drink machine. Fountain drinks had become a self-served bottomless commodity. How to add value? Make the experience special and tailored to the individual.

It’s time to revisit the products we offer and the manner in which we deliver them. We suspect that those who do will find increased sales and customer affinity.

posted by Kevin Archie Feb 06,2013 @ 04:36AM

Marketing Without Representation

Lady Liberty, silhouetted against a waning violet sky, dances and sways to the rhythms of a silent melody, beckoning weary passersby to come. Come get your taxes done at Liberty Tax Service and get $50 cash back on the spot! She is no marbled statue standing tall above the New York Harbor; she is an underpaid teenage boy with a mustache and a knack for public humiliation.

It's not summer either — it's tax season — the time for all red-white-and-blue-blooded-Americans to hunker down and settle the score with Uncle Sam. Considering how long Americans have been paying taxes, it seems only logical to market your tax services with a 127-year-old symbol of American freedom. Somehow though, this skirted man-boy's spirited rendition of the Dougie seems to cheapen that idea, doing more to frighten potential customers away than draw them in. Though there's some correlation between taxes and freedom, this method doesn't accurately represent the benefits of their provided service. It's the obvious solution to the problem and it's too flashy. Furthermore, it's from a company that started in Canada.

If every company advertised without accurate representation of their product, we would all be in for quite a ride. Luckily though, marketing is so much more than obvious. It requires a full awareness of the problem, the intended audience, and what has and has not been done before in order to uncover a fitting solution. Marketing is most potent when it is invisible, showing no signs of shameless pandering. It must do almost nothing but communicate the benefits of the product being sold.

One pertinent example of successful marketing would be this year's H&R Block advertisements. The speakers are always shot in grayscale over a black background, which makes them seem inherently honest while also giving prominence to the green logo as the only colored object in each ad. The use of motion graphics and line drawings in the second spot brings the story to life in an unexpected way not found in other tax commercials. Finally, the quirky background music provides an element of delight that perfectly compliments the pleasantly lighthearted stories.

I'm not telling you where to get your taxes done this year; but if I were — as a curbside, dancing, singing statue of liberty — would you really listen to me anyways?




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