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posted by Apprentices Apr 28,2015 @ 02:52PM

Mobilegeddon Is Here — But with Mobile Optimization, It's Not the End of the World


Bruce isn't afraid.  And you don't have to be either.

Every time an algorithm change takes place, it certainly can feel like gearing up for battle. However, marketers: you can put your swords down if your website, landing pages and blog content are fully optimized for mobile.

On Tuesday, April 21, Google made an enormous change to the algorithm it uses to rank websites on smartphone devices. As digital marketers, we rely heavily on Google to send traffic to our client’s websites. When these changes take place, it’s our responsibility to educate ourselves and optimize accordingly.

What does this all mean? Mobile makes up about half of all Google searches, and the company recognizes three approaches to be mobile friendly: responsive design, dynamic serving, mobile website. Adjust your content accordingly, and you will be protected from the change.

To help you get started, Google has prepared this helpful list of common mobile mistakes to avoid.

In today’s digital age, we must stay current on industry trends, all the while staying true to our brand and doing what’s best for our clients. While Armageddon may signal the end of the world, “Mobilegeddon” isn’t entirely dark. These adjustments will be rolled out over the next few weeks, so there is plenty of time to increase the “mobile-friendliness” of your site and increase overall ranking. 

What's more, optimizing our websites to appeal to the many ways people consume information will lead to higher-quality content and increased conversions. With that in mind, we no longer view this particular change as the end of the world, but rather just the beginning of a new mobile era. Bring it on, Mobilegeddon!


Author: Courtney Fleming

posted by Apprentices Apr 16,2015 @ 08:22AM

Inbound Is For Everyone (Even Realtors)

I recently watched a webinar by Inman, a real estate news website, about the power of inbound marketing

Being the daughter and girlfriend of real estate agents, and having an extreme passion for inbound marketing, I knew this was the webinar for me.

This was a great refresher for me and I think the information given can definitely apply to everyone, even realtors.

Here are my key takeaways from The Art Of Inbound Marketing For Real Estate: 6 Steps For Turning Strangers Into Clients

 I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

:) Mary Cate Duffy

posted by Apprentices Apr 06,2015 @ 09:02PM

Placement and Timing Are Everything in Social Media

by Courtney Fleming

It can be challenging to produce high-quality content consistently and publish it at the right times. Here at Riggs Partners, we believe in finding which audiences are viewing what content and at what times. This ensures our clients’ content is being published at the most optimal times for reach and engagement.

Our digital marketing specialists use a war chest of social media management tools, SproutSocial being the latest and greatest for scheduling posts and monitoring live engagement.

The beauty of SproutSocial is all in the queue. When scheduling content, we place it into a publishing queue, which in turn delivers the post on all social networks that the brand or business maintains a presence. We adjust the settings based on personal preferences and industry best practices. This includes number of posts per day, time of day, or whether or not to include weekends (yes, you should!).

ViralPost is a new feature on SproutSocial that allows us to determine the most optimal times to deliver content for maximum impact. SproutSocial, through this unique feature, analyzes our audience to chose the optimal time based on engagement and interaction patterns. SproutSocial then publishes the content at the moment it will have the greatest impact for the brand or business.

It would be so easy to just throw content out on all networks, but it’s our job to think strategically about what’s best for our clients and their audience’s needs.

posted by Apprentices Mar 06,2015 @ 11:47AM

It's Not You. It's Facebook.

Hands are making indecision signalsYou’re posting too much. You’re not posting enough. Your content is too boring.

It’s easy to get offended when users ‘unlike’ your page, but in this case it’s not your fault. The way Facebook counts likes for a business page is about to change.

To increase accuracy and consistency, accounts that have been manually deactivated or “memorialized” after its owner has died will be subtracted from businesses’ overall page like count. (Note: If deactivated accounts are reactivated, the account will be re-added to the like count.)

Facebook is notorious for algorithm changes, which can alter your social media analytics substantially if you don’t pay attention. So listen up!

Facebook says the more likes a page has, the greater the decrease in likes will become. However, if you only have a few hundred likes, you might not even notice.

Just a heads up, marketers; don’t worry if you lose a few fans and your page likes decrease this month, it’s not your fault!

Read more at Making Page Likes More Meaningful.

posted by Apprentices Jul 29,2014 @ 11:54AM

The Inman Experience

I recently spent a week in San Francisco learning about all things digital, marketing, and technology (with some real estate thrown in).

The Inbound Team is all about innovation and staying up to date with all things digital. When this opportunity presented itself, I booked the first flight out of Columbia.

This turned out to be one of the best learning experiences I could have had, and I was invited to share that experience with Riggs.

Below, you too can see what I learned in my time in the great city of San Francisco. Enjoy :)




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