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posted by Apprentices Dec 16,2015 @ 04:26PM

Best of...


As a graphic designer, I love reading "Best of…" lists at the end of the year. From book covers to logo design, these lists are a great way to review what's been done over the past year and keep up to date with design trends. Since we work with brands so often here at Riggs, it seems fitting to list my favorite re-brands of the year. A successful brand is more than just a good-looking logo. All the parts and pieces have to work together for a brand to have success. With the help of Brand New, a blog dedicated to showcasing logo redesigns and company re-brands,  here are my Top Three Favorite Re-Brands of 2015.

1. Verizon Wireless



Verizon Wireless' re-brand had some public backlash because of it's new logo. They replaced the big check mark and the red "z" with a small check and a more generic typeface. While this could seem like a step backward, I think it's a positive move overall considering its application in print collateral, web and tv commercials. With this new logo, Pentagram has delivered a solid and sustaining re-brand for Verizon that will last a long time because of its simplicity and straightforwardness. 



2. Spotify


Spotify also received a bit of a brand refresh this year. While the logo didn't really change much, the overall application of new colors, shapes, and duotone photo treatments are what make this re-brand a success. Some might say they could have done more, but I think Collins did a beautiful job of creating a unique look for Spotify that connects well with its growing audience.






3. Project Juice


Project Juice is a micro-juicery in San Francisco. While their previous brand wasn't bad, I think Chen Design Associates created a stunning new look with much more character and freshness. From the custom typeface to the carrot that also serves as the acronym "PJ," it's definitely a step up. The real strength of the brand lies in its application—product packaging, interior and exterior signage, and even their website all use iconography and white space to their advantage. With this re-brand, Project Juice is certainly on to something good.





What are your favorite re-brands from the year? Check some out at Brand New and let us know.


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