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posted by Courtney Melendez Oct 13,2015 @ 10:17AM

Business as Usual

I’ve seen some heartbreaking things over the past week. Our community has seen devastation in our own backyard that I struggle to describe as anything other than surreal. Through all the heartache and tears, I’ve seen the incredible spirit of this community come together in amazing ways this week. Whichever direction you look, everyone is helping someone.

So, even though it’s tough to get back to “business as usual,” I’m super-grateful that the “business as usual” agenda next week includes CreateAthon—our annual undertaking that helps very worthy, local nonprofits. Here’s a sneak peek at two of the organizations we’ll be working ’round the clock for on October 22.



HALTER, a therapeutic horseback-riding program, has served residents with disabilities in Spartanburg and surrounding counties since 1987. Located on the campus for the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind, HALTER provides sessions that run from early spring through late fall each year.

 Currently, HALTER is gearing up for a $1.2 million capital campaign that will raise funds needed to enclose their covered arena and extend therapy sessions year-round. The campaign will also allow the program to add classroom space for pre- and post-therapy sessions, horse stables, volunteer changing rooms, storage space , and spectator seating for competitions such as Special Olympics. Exciting, right?! We think so.

 HALTER has asked us to develop collateral to support their fundraising goal. Our efforts during CreateAthon will focus on updating their logo and creating fundraising collateral that will ignite their campaign.


Able SC, a Center for Independent Living (CIL), provides an array of independent living services across 23 counties in South Carolina. Focused on empowering people of all ages with all types disabilities, Able SC does everything it takes to help individuals reach and maintain their highest level of independence.

Thankfully, Able SC already has several things going for them. Their brand is established, and they have a powerhouse staff that tirelessly advocates and leads by example. Now, they’re thinking bigger. Our CreateAthon team has been tasked with developing a statewide campaign focused on communicating the benefits of hiring people with disabilities. Collateral and communications will target South Carolina employers, and will likely include deliverables such as outdoor boards, brochures and posters.


To learn more about these two incredible nonprofits, log on and check out HALTER and Able SC And, be sure to follow along on Facebook and Twitter as we work CreateAthon magic starting at 8 a.m. on Thursday, October 22. We can also be found using the hashtags #RPCreateathon and #CreateAthon.

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