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posted by Will Weatherly Oct 15,2015 @ 08:37PM

Introducing Our Final CreateAthon 2015 Clients


It’s shocking how much weight a simple word can hold. For patients, it is a word that lingers in nearly every thought and feeling throughout the long journey of treatment.

Healing Icons uses creativity to fight cancer. For nearly 20 years, professional artist Heidi Darr-Hope has been teaching art-making to cancer patients as therapy for the psychological stresses of battling cancer.

During CreateAthon 2015, we’ll be helping Healing Icons with the planning and materials necessary to launch a new online course, making Heidi’s unique style of healing available at a global scale.


The Therapy Place is the only nonprofit pediatric therapy center in the Midlands of SC. Providing well over 250 hours of therapy to 100+ children with disabilities each week, The Therapy Place has outgrown its current space.

With hundreds of children on therapy waiting lists around the state, The Therapy Place has put a plan in place. They’ve acquired an adjacent property, and are primed to begin their first-ever capital campaign to support construction of a new building and the Midlands’ first ever accessible, inclusive outdoor playground.

But $1 million dollars is no small sum. During CreateAthon this year, we will be creating this capital campaign from the ground up, from campaign plans to campaign theme to supporting graphics and more.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words—a sentiment Global Pencil Project founder Maria Vick would agree with wholeheartedly. In fact, it was a photo of a young boy in Africa clutching a broken pencil that led Maria to establish the program in 1998. She saw that something as simple as a pencil could make a tremendous difference in the life of a child. At its core, the Pencil Project is about providing every child with a quality education.

The Pencil Project collects and distributes pencils (and other educational materials) and mails them to children around the world. Each pencil collection drive is matched with a needy school in the country of the donor organization’s choice.

The 100% volunteer driven Pencil Project is looking to elevate the organization’s profile through professional marketing materials that lend credibility and position them for growth. During CreateAthon, we will be developing a logo, letterhead package, poster, leave behind, and maybe even a few surprises!

Our final CreateAthon client is Epworth Children's Home. Epworth has served children, youth, and families in Columbia since 1865. More than 70 staff members offer comprehensive services to meet emotional, physical, educational, and spiritual needs of all children who are placed in their home.

The work we'll be doing for this client is unique. We will be working specifically to develop a photo library for Epworth to use in its future marketing materials. During CreateAthon, we will collaborate with photographer Jeff Amberg to capture Epworth's truly uplifting spirit – particularly through photos of their beautiful 32-acre campus in the heart of Columbia.

CreateAthon is just a few days away, and we can't wait to get started on the work we'll be doing for these deserving organizations. Knowing that our work will benefit clients we admire so much makes it that much more rewarding.




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