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posted by Apprentices Feb 05,2014 @ 05:16AM

What a difference a decade makes

What a difference a decade makes.

Ten years ago today, the world was five days away from the launch of Kanye West’s first record, still recovering from a certain Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction, and baffled by Britney Spears’ decision to get married to Jason Alexander (not that Jason Alexander) for 55 hours.

Oh. And a little site called had begun to find its way around the Harvard Campus.

Facebook (which has changed the way people and brands interact with one another, provided the story for my favorite movie of all time, and issued a host of phrases into the general lexicon of the 21st century) has continued to grow and thrive in a place where other social networks have come and gone, surviving by refusing to sit still.

But more than these other ideas, Facebook has always been a place to share personal moments. The site got the ball rolling on the way we’re now accustomed to sharing our lives. Sharing is now a part of the human instinct.

It’s fitting then, that Facebook rolled out 'Look Back,' allowing you to revisit on your time with the site. The video, highlighting your major milestones on the site (most liked posted, photos, etc.) is certainly a nostalgic way to celebrate the anniversary, but it’s right in brand with the site that’s changed so much. As we look back with Facebook, we also look forward to see what other changes the site will bring to our world.

Because if the past is any indication, we’re in for an exciting future.


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