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posted by Courtney Melendez Jan 23,2014 @ 09:01AM

New Beginnings

Here’s where it all started.

It was day three of our four day vacation, celebrating one year of marriage.

Blissful right? It was. Except for the fact that our vacation was almost over, and I had yet to relax. Seriously. My mind was swirling with work stress—my venture into the nonprofit world a few years ago just wasn’t turning out the way I had expected it to. A successful career in sales had led me to the non-profit fundraising world where I sought deeper meaning beyond what the corporate world could offer. I wanted my work to really help people, and not just meet financial goals and hit sales targets. I’ll use my skill set to give back, I thought. Sales and fundraising compliment each other, right? While true, I found myself lacking the fulfillment I had initially sought.

Somewhere in the space between my sandy toes and the grass thatch roof that shaded me, a crossroads appeared. In that moment, I admitted to myself I that I needed a change. Weight lifted. Clouds parted. I relaxed.

By the time our plane touched down back in SC, I knew what I was going to do. The next step roared into my consciousness the moment I made space for it. Enter Riggs Partners.

I’d had the pleasure of working with the talented folks at Riggs during my nonprofit tenure, and two of my friends—Kelly Davis and Keely Saye—had already joined their dream team. So, when I heard they were looking for an Account Manager, I jumped at the chance to investigate. On May 9th, 2013, not completely understanding exactly what the opportunity entailed, I emailed two of the partners I knew: Teresa Coles and Cathy Monetti.

My email subject line was something along the lines of “I just can’t help myself…” and I proceeded to request more details, and an opportunity to explore whether or not I might be a fit. Clicking "send" was one of those pivotal life moments.

And then there was this. Cathy was the first to respond to my email, and I instantly knew I was on the right track.

Smiley face indeed my friend.

One conversation with the ever-inspiring Teresa Coles over duck fat fries (If you haven’t tried them, get thee to Café Strudel immediately) confirmed what I already knew in my heart. This was my place.

I’m now about four months into my role as an Account Manager at Riggs. I’m learning more every day (heck, every minute) about our industry and how to best support our team here, and I'm working as hard as I can to help our clients meet their goals. Added bonus? I will still get my nonprofit fix through the magic of CreateAthon every year.

Moral of the story: Beautiful things happen when you follow your heart. Pulling into the WECO every morning feels like a hug. Like coming home. So glad to be here, and I’m buckled in for the ride.

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