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posted by Apprentices Nov 25,2011 @ 02:30AM

On brainstorming.

Brainstorming is a vital step in the creative process. How do you do it?


Cathy Monetti
I think you have to take apart an issue. Strip it down until it's bare, then see how it can be rebuilt in a new way. Having said that, I have to say my best ideas come in the shower. (I think that's kinda funny.)

Kevin Smith
Outside the office, I walk my dog or find retail/branding inspiration. In the office, I draw diagrams on our dry erase board.

Julie Turner
Wildly, caffeinated and on a white board with colored markers.

Peter Anderson
With (FDA approved) chemical stimulants, a greaseboard, and poor illustrations.

Ryon Edwards
Gather team
State the objectives
Ask questions
Encourage collaboration
Know that any idea is worth consideration/discussion
Encourage crazy ideas
Write on whiteboards/sketchbooks
Sketch out
Ask more questions

Let the ideas incubate for day or two and gather as a team again to:
Ask questions
Bounce ideas off of client (or better yet, include them in brainstorming)
Have fun

Kevin Archie
I stare at a blank screen/page until something magically appears.

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