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posted by Jillian Owens Jul 06,2016 @ 04:33PM

Interacting Out: Channeling the Power of Experience in Social Media

Even the most antisocial introvert requires some sort of interaction in their daily lives. We have to interact with the cashier at Publix, otherwise we don’t get to gnaw shamelessly on a wedge of gouda later that evening. We interact with coworkers, family members, acquaintances and friends. If you stopped to count every time you connected with another human in some way, no matter how miniscule, you’d probably be surprised at how high that number was.

We recently launched an interactive campaign that challenged fans to declutter a room in their homes and share their successes. By gamifying a tedious chore, we increased engagement and donations for our client, Goodwill Industries of Upstate/Midlands South Carolina.


But what percentage of these people do you truly interact with in a meaningful way that you remember for a long time afterwards? It’s probably not that huge of a number (unless you’re just one of those delightful/delighted people that find joy in every connection in which case I envy you and want to know your secret or what meds you’re taking).

All interactions are not created equal in real life, so why would you treat all of your social media interactions as though they were of equal value? The conversation you have with the guy at the deli probably isn’t as meaningful as a heart-to-heart with your best friend.

The campaign was a success! The client saw a 42% increase in engagement on Facebook & Twitter, and a whopping 270% engagment increase on Instagram (compared to passive content).


A new study by Content Marketing Institute reveals that creators of interactive content experiences are shaping the future of digital marketing. And that’s a great thing for our clients and their customers.

In the past, a lot of digital content has been passive. Think of display ads, blog posts, pop up ads, video ads, etc. Like an in-person one-sided conversation, it can be a turnoff. Brands spend at lot of their resources talking at their audience, rather than fostering valuable and memorable experiences for them that lead to brand recognition, loyalty, and ultimately conversions. 

There is a glut of digital content out there and customers are getting fed up with it. They don’t want your content unless it’s helpful, entertaining or both.

Facebook’s recent announcement that it would continue making changes to the news feed ranking to favor updates from people rather than pages has put the importance of referral traffic at an all time high. One of the best ways to do this is by tapping into that part of human nature that wants to interact. We’re kinesthetic. We want to do.

What types of content are interactive though? Quizzes, surveys, calculators, contests, infographics with embedded interactive features (like the CMI one you just clicked on earlier), as well as games are all great examples of how brands can educate and engage with their audience in a meaningful way.

Stats don’t lie.

A conversion study by Demand Metric shows how dramatically more effective interactive content is at educating an audience than passive content.

interactive-content-more-effective-than-passive-content_1.pngI was out for an evening with friends a few weeks ago. When a stranger discovered I was a marketer, he asked me what “the next big thing” is for digital marketing.

My answer?

Brands are going to have to learn how to connect with their customers in increasingly life-improving ways and help them have a little fun by adopting gamifaction strategies in order to remain competitive.

We have be creators of experiences, not just content.

posted by Julie Turner Apr 18,2016 @ 02:04PM

NEW WORK: Crafting a Digital Toolbox For a Construction Leader

Who knew construction and creative strategy had so much in common?

In the building trades, surprises are often expensive and time consuming for clients. When you’re sweating bullets over a multi-million dollar project on a tight deadline neither variable is particularly welcome.

Our client McCrory Construction is one of the most respected builders in the Southeast. One reason more than 90 percent of clients choose to work with them again is the ability to prevent those unexpected surprises and hurdles. Quite simply, the work they do before the build has built them an uncommon reputation. Fortunately, we can relate.

As communicators, we’re big believers in the value of the "before-you-build" focus. The magic of the creative process isn’t just the ideas generated by it, but what’s used to power creative engines, too. Discovery isn’t just a line item on an invoice; it’s the necessary investment in making a relevant, sales generating impact on your target audience.


mc_before_after_web.gifClick to view the new 

developed with Mad Monkey


So rather than simply create a new, responsive web presence to refresh their longstanding brand, we took the deeper dive and strengthened their market position in the process. Enter McCrory Construction; Nobody's Better Before You Build.



Click to visit @McCroryConst











posted by Julie Turner Apr 24,2013 @ 09:51AM


I’d never heard of Stefan Mumaw before last week, but in the span of about an hour he crystallized what marketing has become and what it has the potential to be.

An ad agency creative director, Stefan is the author of a book called, Chasing the Monster Idea. His presentation focused on the seven characteristics of monster ideas. So just exactly what is a monster idea? Here’s his definition:

“The truly monster idea is more than just good; it transcends the boundaries of the problem to solve it so simply and so powerfully that it almost sells itself. It’s the campaign idea that grows on its own, powered by those evangelists who first discover its true value, and it forces everyone else to catch up with it—if they can.”

I’m not going to share his seven characteristics — he shares them in his book. You can download the first chapter free here or get the whole schmere here. Instead, I’ll share my biggest takeaway from his presentation.

In the past, marketers have tended to throw everything inside the kitchen sink and then throw it at a consumer hoping something — anything — might stick. Now we weren’t always quite that ham-fisted. Sometimes we presented them with one unique selling proposition in the form of a creative execution or campaign. Regardless, we told them what we wanted them to know. The goal was to sell them on something.

While we were busy deciding what we wanted them to know, consumers were being rewired. The Product no longer holds weight with them. What does is the other stuff: how that product makes someone feel or the problems it solves. They are not being sold to; they are buyers. Most important of all is the acknowledgement that the marketing universe has shifted into new territory: consumers recognize and often filter out push-style messages.

Stefan’s answer to reach this new breed of consumers is to pique their curiosity and then reward their effort with a good experience.

Marketing with the goal of making people curious? That itself is a monster idea.

posted by Cathy Monetti Mar 19,2013 @ 10:44AM

RP Welcomes Inbound Marketing Specialist Catherine Doyle

How pleased we are to (officially) welcome Catherine Doyle to Riggs Partners! A protege of RP Inbound Marketing Director Keely Saye, Catherine is an Inbound Marketing Specialist who will work with RP clients on Cross Channel and Inbound programs.

A native of Tulsa, Catherine is a graduate of the University of South Carolina where she served on the executive boards of Zeta Tau Alpha, Mortar Board and Dance Marathon. She also wrote for Garnet & Black, Discover Carolina, InterCom, and served as writer and publisher for The Odyssey.

Bonus? Catherine is working toward certification as a yoga instructor. Needless to say her Zen demeanor graces the WECO in a most elegant—and calming—way.

Welcome, Catherine!

posted by Cathy Monetti Feb 26,2013 @ 03:20AM

Welcome, Keely Saye!

Keely Saye, Inbound Marketing Director at Riggs Partners

I remember the first time I met Keely Saye. It was CreateAthon 2007. At the time she served as chair of Columbia Opportunity Resource, an energetic group committed to making Columbia a better place to live through the engagement of its young professionals in community and civic service. That year, COR was a CreateAthon client, and Keely and I spent a good bit of time talking about ways to make the organization more relevant and visible in the Midlands.

This girl has it going on, I thought in our very first meeting. By our second and third, I knew she was One to Watch. Keely was one of a handful of people I'd met in 30 years with superstar potential— strategic, smart as a whip, willing to think deeply enough to ask the right questions. And even as a CreateAthon client, she pushed. (I do love that.)

In time Keely became an entrepreneur, founding, a company devoted to Inbound Marketing. It was the new frontier of digital communications, a real Wild West of our industry. Keely knew her stuff. A certified Inbound Marketing specialist, she launched with passion, intelligence, and credentials.

The company grew quickly as she and her team provided strategy, development, training and management of cross channel digital programs to clients across the Southeast. She also served as our Strategic Partner in the arena of Inbound Marketing, working with Riggs Partners clients and, serendipitously, during CreateAthon.

Keely loved us; we loved her. (That much was certain.) The combination of her inbound smarts with our focus on brand development and management seemed to us a match made in heaven. And so we asked.

We're so thrilled she said yes.

With Keely Saye as our Director of Inbound Marketing, we're expanding the services we provide in-house to include:

Social Media Strategy
Social Network Development, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and more
Blogroll Development
Microblog Scheduling
Live Engagement Practices
Online Influencer Engagement
Social Media Campaigns

Content Marketing
Lead Nurturing
Email Marketing
Conversion Campaigns
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Analytics Reporting

as well as

Brand Consulting
Brand Strategy Development
Marketing Programs
Website Development

With Keely now on board, there is much more in the works. In fact, we can hardly wait until tomorrow!




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