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posted by Apprentices Nov 11,2011 @ 05:00AM

On burning houses.

Your house is on fire. You can take five things. What are they?

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Kevin Smith
1. Cloud painting I bought when I couldn't afford it
2. Mixed media collage over my mantle I found at a junk store in the Village
3. Landscape painting I knew was of the South when I saw it in New York (turned out to be a field in Decatur, Alabama)
4. Green lamp from Chelsea flea market
5. As many of my dining room chairs as I could carry

Jody Piland
I would take my camera, laptop, cell phone, mom's pearl necklace and old family photos that I have not yet made copies of. Actually, I'd leave my phone behind so I could get the new iPhone.

Kathryn White
1. the Bible I've carried (and written in) since 2006.
2. all my old journals.
3. a series of small, abstract paintings done by my uncle, a slightly famous Cuban painter.
4. my computer, because I am terrible at remembering to back-up.
5. my grandmother's quilt.

Kevin Archie
1. My first Bible.
2. My MacBook - it has ALL my work on it.
3. My Weblos hat - because randomly finding it at a thrift store after my mom gave it away deems it lucky.
4. My bike James - he's technically inanimate, or so I'm told.
5. My iPhone - I've had it for less than a month and I'm already addicte

Ryon Edwards
kitchen table built my great grandfather - (would need help getting that out of the house)
family photos/album
framed artwork from my daughter
framed artwork from my son

Julie Turner
The flying pig painting
My kids' stuffed animals, Lamby and The Ghost Bear
The Haywood-Wakefield chair that's closest to the door

Teresa Coles
Box of Julian's baby pictures
Wedding photos
Laptop and external hard drive
File box with stuff that should be kept in the safe deposit box
Black jewelry box

Pete Anderson
As long as I could grab my phone, keys, and wallet, I'd be just fine. I don't really own anything all that great. Thanks for reminding me, Kathryn!

Cathy Monetti
1. portrait of Eliza, age 5
2. my mother's china
3. my grandmother's silver
4. my old journals
5. the file box with the folders "Things I love" and "Eliza"

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